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What is: Prêt-à-Porter

by Rahul Ahuja on Jul 16, 2023

What is: Prêt-à-Porter

prêt-à-porter /ˌprɛtəˈpɔːteɪ/

adjective (of designer clothes) sold ready-to-wear as opposed to made to measure. “in 1982, the duo presented their first prêt-à-porter collection in Milan”

noun designer clothes sold ready to wear rather than made to measure. “she pioneered the concept of luxury prêt-à-porter in the 1950s”

Definitions from Oxford Languages

“Ready-to-wear“– the name already contains the main aspect in which prêt-à-porter differs from haute couture. Fashion brands all across the world present their ready-made creations in their runway shows twice a year. In contrast to haute couture, those pieces are usually not customised but come in standardised sizes. Rather than creating single pieces made to attract attention on the runway, designers aim to set new trends with their wearable prêt-à-porter collections.


Origins of Prêt-à-Porter

Prêt-à-porter has its origin in the smaller Parisian fashion houses of the 1930s, where designers first started to offer a limited number of ready-made clothes.

The French couture scene, however, rejected this development at first. It was only with the youth movements in the 1950s and 60s that prêt-à-porter fashion received broader attention.

Young designers aimed to create innovative, avant-garde clothes for all people to complement the eccentricity of haute couture.

Yves Saint Laurent was the first renowned French designer to present prêt-a-porter on the runway.

The French fashion scene were shocked, since fashion shows used to be reserved for haute couture. Nevertheless, prêt-à-porter soon earned and still enjoys great prestige in the global fashion industry. The fashion fair “Salon du Prêt- à-porter” was founded it 1965 to showcase some of the most famous French designers’ ready-to-wear pieces.

Italy’s fashion scene also played an important part in the successful establishment of ready-to-wear collections – designers like Versace and Ferragamo started to present their work at the shows of “Alta Moda Pronta” in Milan in the 1970s.

Prêt-à-Porter Now!

Today, styles worn on the streets of famous fashion cities are mostly marked; prêt-à-porter.

Fashion that is immediately available appeals to our modern society. The mass production of clothes did, however, not substitute but coexists with haute couture. Turning to more sustainable ways of producing clothes, numerous fashion brands have started to trace back the origins of tailoring, and value traditional methods and fine craftsmanship.

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