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What is ‘Peace in Our Time’

by Rahul Ahuja on Jul 16, 2023

What is ‘Peace in Our Time’

Perched between the dynamic nature of our cities, are the Urban people who are witnessing a shift of change which leaves everyone amazed by its pace and influence. On one hand we have rapidly changing Political scenarios, with little choice in the hands of the people; on the other we are facing breakouts of never-heard-before viruses which are fatal to human life.

There are instances where we see rapid developments and other, where we see a growing turmoil in people, searching for meaning in their lives. In such times where we question ourselves, what we really want out of life we look to the purest of human expressions; Art. 

This collection is inspired by the vibrant street art culture on a white canvas, graffiti is open to everyone and we see beautiful works of art which often make us question big things, what really matters and what we do about it.

A palette consisting of White, with accents of Fuchsia Pink, Acid Lime Green and Blazing Yellow. The silhouettes consist of some wardrobe staples such as shirt dresses, along with statement pieces for special occasions; made with summer-friendly Cotton Satin and Georgettes. The embellishment is in the form of bold machine embroidered phrases and reassuring words.

Peace in our time especially is a haywire idea originating where there are deaths because of human traffic jams on the world?s highest peak Mt. Everest and where people are turning back from once peaceful and silent hill stations because of too many people.

‘Peace in our time’ is used by both Tony Stark and Ultron in MCU to describe their mission which is completely opposite of each other. What is peace to one and the other thus can have different meanings. With a world where democracies are blurring and anarchy is growing rapidly, we don?t really know if this is what our ancestor really fought wars for.

In our collection we see the outfit as a statement by the women who will wear it too. For us it is an interpretation of Peace that they deserve. Especially for the women who haven?t had peace from violence, pride or just simple equality, having to explain feminism to everyone.

We make it simple for everyone to understand where Peace begins and ends. With their win, with growth and glory, on their terms, when they win by slaying on purpose. You?d only wish that you can even come close to that when they do. And that?s what the quotes read:







For us, ‘Peace in our Time’ will be achieved, this time with the other 50% of the population around the globe. The Women. Peace in Our Time is a hope that the world doesn’t crumble under it’s own doings, that we pick up from here and don’t go faster to our eventual ends.

Peace in our Time is and will be our doing. This is our very small Art dedicated to and for Peace in our Time.

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